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I never read Flannery O’Connor until a kind mentor, Jay Neugeboren, gave me a copy; when I was seventeen and a college freshman, the writer bell hooks gave me a paperback of Carolina Maria de Jesus’s memoir of the Brazilian favelas. Both of those I treasure. But I love giving books away to friends, students, even my Chinese-born neighbor at the counter of her tiny corner market. (She was reading Jackie Collins; I suggested Ha Jin, which she’s now read three times.) And getting books in the mail is the best! Since the good ol’ US Postal Service still offers a book rate, which is a treat for me, I’m happy to raffle off a good book every month, which I’d send to you. Hopefully we can all begin to trade favorites via Book Rate! If you want to join, simply sign up below, and if you win, you’ll be notified and I’ll send a book.

November and December 2012 Picks

Mercury by Cary Holladay

Visiting Hours by Jennifer Anne Moses

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I love the resurgence of book clubs. In my community, we have clubs that have met for decades, including a book club started by African-American military wives whose families move to the nearby Air Force Base, and a book club of middle school teachers who all love novels. If your book club selects one of mine, I’d be happy to visit if I’m close enough, or speak with your club via phone. (Someday I’ll learn to Skype, when my girls teach me…)